Friday, October 11, 2013

1. a room of one's own

by jeremy witherington

illustrated by rhoda penmarq and konrad kraus

jody was surprised after waking up and discovering that nikki had left during the night, leaving a note on the kitchen table that said,

"jody i am sorry to leave so suddenly but - " the note had been placed under a half empty beer bottle and the moisture from the bottle had made the rest of the note illegible.

jody was delighted. the month's rent had just been paid. there was no need to look for a new roommate for almost three - well, maybe two - weeks. jody knew some people who might be interested - in fact, a couple of people who were desperate.

unless the obscured words in the note made some reference to nikki getting back the half of the rent already paid.

but there did not seem to be enough words to say that.

and even if there was, tough shit. it wasn't jody's fault that the note could not be read.

if nikki called, time enough to worry then.

meanwhile - at least two weeks before even looking for a new roommate.

how good could life get?

2. the phone call

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