Friday, October 11, 2013

5. a discovery

by jeremy witherington

illustrated by rhoda penmarq and danny delacroix

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suzi looked at her notebook before asking jody the next question.

"you say that nikki never brought any sex partners home."

"that's what i said."

"my question is this - given that fact, does it surprise you to learn that nikki had a lot of applications for sex - not only for totally hot sex but for extremely hot sex and beyond?"

jody shrugged. "not really."

"not even a little bit?"

"no. nikki was not here a lot. what else would a person be doing but having some kind of sex somewhere?"

suzi looked up from her notebook. "what else would they be doing? they could be doing a lot of things. they could go to a movie. or a concert. or a ball game. or a museum or the ballet. or a gym. or a library. or walking alone along the river."

"there's a river around here?"

"well, there are some that aren't that far away."

"if you say so. is that what you like to do, walk alone along the river?"


they heard the door to nikki's room open and robbie came out. he had a couple of books in his hand.

"find anything?" suzi asked him.

"i took some scans of the bed and the clothes. nothing that looked worth taking except maybe these." he handed suzi the two books.

suzi looked at the books. one had a black cover and was titled "black night of passion" - " by nikki bonney." and was subtitled "book one of the final passion tetralogy."

the second had a red cover and was titled "red flower of passion" also by nikki bonney - "book two of the final passion tetralogy".

"no book three or four?" suzi asked robbie.


"any other books?"

"just some books by james patterson and ayn rand."

suzi looked at jody. "you read these?"

"i never even saw them."

"did you know nikki wrote these?"


"but it doesn't surprise you?"

"nothing much surprises me."

suzi flipped the first book open. "take me, varon, merlinda gasped," she read aloud. "i'm a human and all i want is to get fucked."

"that sounds like me," said jody.

suzi looked up from the book.

"i bet nikki heard me say that," jody told her. " i should get a cut of the royalties."

"there probably aren't a lot of royalties," robbie said.

"i know. i was just kidding."

"do you have a sex partner named varon?" suzi asked jody.

"i was just kidding! making a little joke, you know?"

"so was i."

jody had left the stephen king book on the couch. robbie picked it up. "the tommyknockers. one of his best. you a big stephen king fan?"

"kind of."

"ever read 'needful things'? or 'dolores claiborne'? those are my favorites."

"no, i haven't got around to those."

robbie put the book back down. "all right. now i just have to look in the other room."

"we're almost done here," said suzi. she put her notebook in her pocket and got up from the table.

robbie headed over to jody's room.

"no more questions?" jody asked suzi.

"not for now. we'll let you know if we need you again."

"you think you will?"

"i already told you, yes, we probably will. for now, we'll just take these books and the note and the bottles."

suzi went over to the trash container and lifted the plastic liner filled with bottles out of it and twisted the liner into a knot at the top.

"you got a tie or elastic for this?"

"the top drawer right beside you."

suzi opened the drawer.

she looked down into it.

"well, well. look at this." she put the bag down.

"look at what?" jody asked.


jody came over and looked into the drawer and gasped.

"i didn't know that was there! i swear i didn't know that was there! nikki must have left that there."

"whatever. this changes everything. we will have to get a full t-squad in here now."

"would i have told you to look in the drawer if i knew that was there?" jody asked desperately.

"that's as may be. but we can't just let it go, can we?"

"oh, no. this - this is probably going to turn my whole life upside down."

"turn it upside down? your life might be over."

6. molligan

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