Saturday, October 26, 2013

9. sad

by jeremy witherington

illustrated by eddie el greco and danny delacroix

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after giving molligan and jody their cups of coffee, dooley left to knock on doors of other apartments in the building.

leaving jody alone with molligan.

molligan did not seem to be in any hurry. he stared down into his styrofoam cup.

he is torturing me, thought jody. he is deliberately torturing me.

also, and this was very strange to jody, molligan did not show any signs of wanting to fuck jody.

jody felt a little bit hurt.

but these old humans could be strange that way.

after taking a few sips of his coffee, molligan finally took a phone out of his pocket and clicked it on and put it on the table.

great, thought jody, maybe we can finally get this moving. of course, he is probably going to bring me down to a station anyway, and i will spend the night in a cell.

or the rest of my life in a cell.

"so," molligan started. "how long were you and nikki roommates?"

"a while."

"how long is a while?"

jody thought for a few seconds. "a long time." maybe i can torture him a little too, jody thought.

but molligan did not seem at all annoyed. he took another sip of his coffee. "can you give me some numbers? number of months, number of weeks? years, even?"

"i'm not very good with numbers."

"do what you can."

"six weeks."

"six weeks!" molligan laughed. "that's not so long."

"maybe not to you," jody thought. but didn't say anything.

"did you have any contact with nikki's mom in those six weeks?"

"i didn't even know nikki had a mom."

"so the first time you ever heard from her was when she called about nikki's disappearance?


"that's what i thought. just checking. tell me , jody - do you have a mom?"

"isn't that kind of a personal question?"

"yes, but i'm with the police."

"i don't have a mom. i'm free range."

"duly noted. did you and nikki ever discuss your deepest hopes and dreams, or your wildest fantasies?"

"i don't have any hopes and dreams. or fantasies."

"did nikki have any hopes and dreams or fantasies?"

"not that i ever heard. you would have to ask nikki."

"so you never discussed such things?"


"just checking." molligan studied the screen on the phone. "these novels that nikki wrote - you told the responding officers you never knew about them."

"that's right. do we have to go through all this again?"

"no, i have everything here from the responding officers." molligan looked up from the phone. "how did you find the service of the responding officers, by the way? were they polite, professional?"

"what? oh yes - they were - they were very polite and professional."


"even when they found the gun."

"that must have been quite a shock."

"i was surprised."

"just surprised?"

"i'm not easily surprised."

molligan scrolled down on the phone some more. jody thought he looked like he had seen and done things too terrible to be described.

jody had read about such persons in books by stephen king and james patterson and jeffrey deaver but had never actually seen one before.

"can i ask you a question?" jody asked molligan.

"sure. ask me anything."

"don't you want to fuck me?"

molligan looked up. he seemed slightly surprised. "did i put in a request to have sex with you?"

"no but - "

molligan laughed. "but what -?"

"you being with the police and all - i thought - "

"you thought we didn't have to follow the rules? that we just did whatever we wanted?"

"um - "

molligan smiled. "you watch too many old movies. or read too many old books." his eye fell on the copy of stephen king's the tommyknockers which stlll lay on the couch behind jody. "things aren't like that any more. hey, we get watched even more than regular people."

"if you say so."

molligan tried to change the subject. "so you don't have any hopes and dreams, jody? how about interests?"

"interests?" jody thought, didn't i already have this conversation with the girl and the robot? or with him?

"i already asked you that, didn't i?" molligan asked as if reading jody's mind.

"yes. and i told you all i want is to get fucked."

"i think that's kind of sad. but that's just my opinion."

"who are you to judge me?"

"nobody is judging you. we are not here to judge you. we are just here to keep track of everything you do, and keep you in line."

"right. any more questions?" jody asked.

"a few. bear with me."

10. abdul

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